17 Jan 2014

OE/Yocto Bug Weekend - Jan 17 to 20, 2014

Starting today the OE an Yocto projects are having a bug squashing weekend! The purpose is to raise awareness of the ever-increasing open bug counts and to inspire people to take a look at the issues and see if they can work on fixing one or more of them.


Please take the opportunity to have a look at the open issues in the bugzilla database. If you don't have an account, please consider signing up. Play with the "Search" capability and see if there are issues to which you might want to contribute.

Obviously if you're a maintainer or some sort of a developer there are issues you could consider addressing. But there are also lots of issues an OE/Yocto "user" could investigate as well -- for example there are documentation issues, there are several issues in the "NEEDINFO" state, and sometimes just being able to reproduce a bug (or not) and confirm (or not) that an issue can be demonstrated on more than one host can be valuable information for the person who does eventually get assigned to solve the problem.

There are usually plenty of friendly, knowledgeable people around who can help. You can use the mailing lists, IRC channels, or bugzilla itself to communicate.

Thanks for your participation!

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