18 Oct 2017

email PSA

(the following is meant to be humourous, with just a teensy bit of seriousness. anyone who is incapable of reading/understanding humour on the internet is kindly asked to please go back to facebook)

To all the Toms, Traceys, Tims, Todds, Tamaras, Tonys, Tinas, Troys, Taylors, (and others whose first name starts with "T").... of the world whose last name is "Woerner": please stop telling everyone your email address is twoerner at gmail dot com! It's not. That's my email address. I'm tired of receiving your pay stubs, flight itineraries, baby pictures, academic reports, "lady" pics, resumes, etc.

Recently someone asked me for my email address. What's funny is how confused and condescending she was when it didn't include numbers.

    "Are you sure?"
    "It's not 'twoerner' and then a year or some other numbers at gmail dot com?"
    No. Just 'twoerner' with no numbers at gmail dot com.
    "Uh huh".

I guess I come from the only generation whose gmail addresses don't need numbers. Apparently in my lifetime that's already becoming dated. Centuries from now historians will be able to tell my age and roughly what years I was alive based on the fact my email address is composed of: my first initial, plus last name, with no numbers, at gmail dot com. Thousands of years from now nobody will still be able to use twoerner @ gmail because some guy who died decades ago chose it.

That's me!
(You're welcome)


  1. Me and my wife both has jobs though she makes more money than me but anyway so dangit we have the address two erner cuz we are both erners so dangit. and I want my lady pics back

  2. Replies
    1. Good gracious no! I took one look at the subject line, realized it wasn't meant for me, and deleted the whole thing immediately! ;-)